Favona Coastal Cycleway Submission



The Council intends to build a coastal cycleway between Carroll’s Cartage Ltd, Mahunga Drive and Beach Road reserve Favona?
This new “Crime Corridor” is planned to follow the coastline behind local business and residential properties, with multiple entry / exit points in between.

Local businesses and residents are OPPOSED to this cycleway because:

  • It will provide criminals easy access to our properties and bring criminal and anti-social activities into our area and our properties.
  • Local Police are under resourced by the current government, so are not able to respond to burglaries and other property crime promptly or at all.
  • Crime is escalating in south Auckland.
  • There are 13 youth gangs operating in Mangere alone.
  • Ministry of Justice report  (page 93-95) refers to cycleways as “crime corridors”.
  • Council are broke and often ignore the best interests of local residents and businesses.
  • The multiple impacts to our community of 8,000 or more new residents moving into the “Market Cove” high density housing development (Cnr Favona Rd and Mahunga Drive) over the next 2 years are unknown.

Full submission: